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The Pilot Program

The four components of this course curriculum are designed to demystify the definition of creative intelligence and the empowering role it plays in every facet of our lives. Our concern to cultivate a healthy resurgence of global society starts with human communication.

It begins with you.

This interactive humanities study opens by supporting you on the journey inward with the first book. A commerce of insight, this guidebook is a method of examining your soul’s purpose. A photographic documentary, Final Feliz is reinforced with an audio book to aid in your sensory immersion and retention.

Preserving the integrity of your inner world, while striving in the outer world can sometimes feel overwhelming. With the necessary advancement of technology, we have dually become more detached from each other in our basic human communication. The companion book, Rocstar, invigorates the true definition of community and provides practical business tools that double as effective principles for daily living. Alignment of these entities maintains overall balance, helps you achieve your dreams and make the world a better place to live.

Your participation in this program includes a coaching session with the author. This course curriculum is available for individual study, private industry workshops and educational institutions worldwide.

"I definitely felt something new in me when I walked out the door."

"It was an eye-opening reminder as we need to be confident and the best version of ourselves."

"I'm used to going to classes and hearing the same things and not growing as a person, but I did this time.  So thanks so much for the great experience."

Human Communication

"we till the soil, sow the seeds, we are the farmers of humanity"





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