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Ciao Amici,

My life’s purpose is human communication.  I skillfully hold safe spaces for us to come together as community and share word-wine-movement. From intimate groups to large scale corporate functions, the intention is always the same.  Hold space for people to rise above their fear of vulnerability, through authentic thought provoking interaction.

Each customized session is organized, approachable and fun.  Feel free to mix services and let your sensory imagination soar.  I offer a fresh and original perspective on ancient art and science.   I believe that these unique awakening experiences encourage us to appreciate each other’s star.  Our unity of intention is the binding force that has the propensity to propel the awareness of our world.  A happy ending. is my honest brand, master service is my guarantee.



“Inside of each moment smaller than the eye of a needle there is an intricate pattern of every emotion felt by every being on the planet at that exact fraction of time.” “Rocstar- get down to the business of pursuit and achievement in an earth crisis”

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