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“We are the dance, this sacred process of attempting to understand what it is to feel.”
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Customized concert quality performance for events of an intimate casual to grand gala scale.
Direct booking details forwarded to taj via phone 312.671.3009 or e-mail

Private Coaching

Individual and Corporate


An indepth experience with an initial consultation to customize a movement session or series with your personal goals in mind for optimal health, vitality and creative nurturance.  Choose from Classical yoga, exZotic yoga, bellydance, Brazilian samba, hoopdance and sensuality training.  Private coaching is designed for individuals or corporations as one-on-one or workshops on location or in our private studios.

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Direct booking details fowarded to Miss Taj via Phone 312.671.3009


Global Book Tour 2011

exZotic yoga™

Final Feliz an exploration in human communication available now!

The universal beauty of both Final Feliz books are encased in almost 300 pages of black and white documentary portraiture.
This work is artfully designed as an 8.5” by 10.5” decorative book; a must for collectors, enthusiasts and the curious.

Final Feliz Author Interview - BC Canada

Host a Boutique Book signing with your special guests and share the gift of
engaging interaction, complete with a presentation and entertainment.
Customized for intimate gatherings to full function scale, we bring a complete experience to your door. 
All proceeds for each book sold provide sponsorship for creative global children.

Actors and Models
  a workshop to help you achieve your dreams

Join us for a fun filled session of interactive exercises and techniques that develop character, performance versatility and marketable strengths.  Learn essential tools to sharpen your understanding of how to use your personal power in front of any camera with confidence and style.  In this experience you will gain knowledge of how to thrive in presentations and achieve your goals.

Please bring a notebook and some of your favorite music.  This session will inspire first time attendees and challenge those returning with new concepts.

Author and Dance Anthropologist, your Coach Taj  has an innate gift of inspiring others to identify their own unique talents. Dancing since the age of two, she has shared the joy of motion with thousands of women, men and children around the world. Sharing the work through media print, television and radio,   her three book series includes Final Feliz Volume I & II and Rocstar; an original portrait study of the art of human communication and a practical business guide to pursuit and achievement.  An instructional DVD Series furthers our understanding of how gesture and body language impacts our creativity.  Taj believes that exploring movement gives us access to self awareness which supports healing and peace in our world.



A current conversation with taj:

What is “divine femininity” and why is it important to recognize this unique human quality?

I speak of “divine femininity” as not an unobtainable esoteric notion, but a real time experience. A woman must seek the core of her identity in order to remember her life’s higher purpose. It is then that she can strip away the category of gender and live her deepest humanity.

Why do you call your methodology of teaching “Sensuality Coaching”?

Beyond the superficial definition of the word “sexy” lives the true essence of being a total woman. This energetic consciousness lives below the surface of every woman. Invigorating these innate and wholesome characteristics through a re-education of the senses requires care and credibility.

My work expands the boundaries of conditioning and creates a safe environment to delve into key components that invite liberation and allow you to step forward and break new ground.

I speak of stepping into a permanent freedom.

The duality is that this distinctive movement as self expression opens the passage to a restoration of natural innocence. A place where there is no need of prop or adornment to “feel”. Here is where she gets to just “be” a complete woman.

How does a woman grow from the study of this organic science?

She develops intuitive tools that promote consistent balance and present moment awareness. She learns to embrace fear and understands her personal power. The process of making responsible choices becomes less of a burden as she is conducting the orchestra of her lifestyle from the true core of her being. Her cellular reality becomes prevalent as she is working from the inside out.
She is awake.

How does the world benefit from a woman’s continuous study of these instinctive characteristics?

All aspects of life are ultimately affected by the mood of a woman. Ownership and celebration of the body and spirit has a profound effect in how a woman contributes to the advancement of a global society. The time is now for call to action. Exploring movement enhances self-realization which helps bring healing and peace to our planet.

A current conversation with Taj:

What did your recent experience of being in Brazil contribute to your vision of dance?

After living three months in Brazil, my second visit, but this time enthralled in research and development for this project, the academics and philosophy surrounding movement has brought me to a higher level of understanding what motivates people in life. Wherever I travel, I immediately surrender to the culture and nuance of the country, thus allowing me to explore deeper into the unseen realities that lie beyond the surface. Here is where I find the life lessons that help me grow and give me access to greater creative possibility.

Sometimes I dance down the street and I always have music in my head. I dream dance when I sleep and sometimes awaken with my arms extended in a silent concert. There is nothing closer to my heart which is why I dedicate my existence to using it to enhance the quality of life of others in my own way.

The spirit of dance is communication, therefore, as important as words are they simultaneously have no meaning at all. The co-existence of this duality is the premise for the book and everyday communication is the framework, beyond different styles of dance.

Even this conversation is a dance.

How do you intend to translate your experience to future dance classes?

My level of instinctive creativity at the moment is smok’in hot. I’m watching myself transform potting soil to gold dust right before my eyes each day. The movement repertoire has expanded and I’m the most inspired, rejuvenated and studied I’ve ever been. Bringing these qualities into forums of classes, workshops and lectures is extremely exciting, especially with the honor of having all my classes overflowing with students that are so willing and ready to take this journey with me. I’ve got new material that is just incredible and my output is powerful and impactful. Warning ladies, if you step into one of our studios, you just may become a more authentic version of yourself. If you are up for the challenge, come play with us!

How has becoming an Author affected your work?

Writing to me is about creating feeling and sensation. It’s about conjuring a scenario that draws the reader into a mindset of not reciting someone else’s thoughts; but having the experience themselves, if only for a moment. Think, debate, cry, hug the pages or maybe throw the book against the wall in anger. Shout for joy because maybe you read something that you always wished you could say yourself. Laugh out loud because something is truly hysterical, feel something.

It took me a while to get over my fear of writing, because I thought with me being dyslexic that I just couldn’t pull it off. I surprised myself by digging deeper inside of myself to even the darkest reaches of my soul and brought that to the light. I’m still marveling that by being that painfully honest I created a literary work so in depth that it is officially a worthy accredited study of Human Communication. The overwhelming support has been tremendous and we are still in the pre-launch phase and I’m already making waves in different parts of the world. I invite you to one of the signings to share the joy. They are loads of fun with entertainment and surprises.

But most important, all the proceeds are being donated to Cause as the book is merely a catalyst for a greater mission, next stop Africa. I remain humble, but lately I have been seen doing a few cartwheel flips down the sidewalk. Alegria!


A current conversation with Taj:

What did your recent experience of being in Hawai’i contribute to your vision of dance?

The location was selected for its environmental beauty to be the visual foundation for our Volume II Instructional DVD. It was my second time there but this time with a guiding purpose. I found myself becoming a part of nature and not just an admirer. The islands are magical as you can feel the sacredness of the land. Surrounded by the fresh smell of the air, lush vegetation and the salt mist that blankets the windows each day, I am invigorated and humbled of the reminder that you and I are only a tiny part of creation.

How do you intend to translate your experience to future dance classes?

The thing that struck me the most was being awakened each morning by the sound of the ocean. I studied the waves at length and have always incorporated the concept of this ebb and flow motion in my work. It’s this spontaneous crashing against the rocks that fascinates me.

I see a wave encounter with the rocks as a momentary burst of small abundance. Perhaps a way for each drop of water to express its own independence, to then be gently welcomed back to the water mass, as only together we are one. Nature mandates respect and nurturance. We have the simple exact needs as nature. It is only when we let go of self induced fear that we are truly free. The way of freedom is unconditional love. No matter how much we accomplish, the greatest thing we will ever know is just to love and be loved.


Get started with our popular instructional DVD designed as an introduction to the world of bellydance.

"Final Feliz is an extraordinary visual prayer and praise of the mover behind the movement - that unseen force that propels us as human beings to move and then to recognize the intensity of that motion in a twice-born expression know as dance."

~ Shiva Rea, yogini





Storybook Narration

Available NOW

A new definition of service for a new earth.

Childrens book

Available NOW

Lessons with Taj

Chicago & Los Angeles



A current conversation with Taj:

“What did your recent experience of being in India contribute to your vision of dance?” 

"This question is most significant to me because I have grown as a human being by being surrounded by many women who do not share the same freedoms as we have in American Culture.  In many other cultures the female body is perceived more for it’s functional aspects and not just its simple beauty.  As I watched the women of India clad in their colorful Saris in lustrous fabrics walk fully clothed into the Indian Ocean, I yearned for a consistent  balance of freedom and modesty. This global notion of balance has gained a prominence in my work."    


“How do you intend to translate your experience to future dance classes?”

My system was founded through integrating multiculturalism in every educational platform.  I am now absolutely committed to creating an environment where universal principles of femininity can be shared freely.  I am finally comfortable in my own life’s mission to unveil the excruciating beauty of every woman that crosses my path."


You have recently been certified as a Professional Yoga Instructor, how are bellydance and yoga related? 

 "They parallel in uncanny ways, as they are both historically founded in organic movement and deepen the connection between the physical body and the internal idea of how we perceive who we are.  The role of the artist is to be studied, honest and risk taking.  Therein lays the honor of being of service to humanity."



About The Dancer 


Passionate and dynamic,Taj continues to share the movement experience with women, men and children throughout the world. She possesses an uncanny ability to inspire others to identify their own excruciating beauty.

Dancer, educator and philanthropist, this gifted artist is deemed the princess of fun!  A diverse talent motivated by purpose and the sensuality of everyday life; Taj combines the study of meditation and holistic art and science into compelling workshops and international lectures.This fitness expert was appointed Athletic Ambassador for Vega™, an international award-winning plant based food that compliments her approach to sharing an optimal health and lifestyle perspective.

Fascinated with revolutionary developments in organic movement, her personable expression is captivating and engaging in presentation. “Ownership and celebration of the body and spirit has a profound effect in how we contribute to the advancement of global society” says Taj. 

A dance philosophy steeped in tradition and innovation yields a unique flair of originality in performance, classes and in her Instructional DVD Series. Taj believes that exploring movement gives us access to self awareness which helps bring healing and peace to our world.

Extended Bio

Provocative and diverse, this visionary is committed to creating works that empower humanity. A certification in massage therapy and a teaching certification in yoga contribute to a well rounded understanding of the human body systems. 

Dancing since the age of two, Taj has a classically trained dance background. An accomplished performer; she also receives a special joy in sharing with students.  Dedicated to the educational development of movement, her multidisciplinary training offers a unique approach to the process of learning. She continues to cultivate her curiosity for motion in other risk taking experiences, such as the study of flight, advanced diving and parachuting.

Having taught thousands of people, Taj is an authority on traditional and modern movement styles, but she continues to study, knowing that learning is a lifelong process. A diverse talent,Taj produced, wrote and hosted the community morning radio program "The Passion Tour - elements of human communication." This humanities based program covered international arts and science. Legacy Series interviews include The Esteemed Tuskegee Airmen and renowned media legend Mr. Harry Porterfield. 

Committed to service and mindful global action, she is an active advocate for various charitable organizations and is also versed in working with the special needs population.  Noted for results, Taj has received accolades but above all strives to be a living example of the power of imagination and possibility.

Active mentoring for elementary through high school level students has been impactful. Standing firm in the significance of appropriate role models for children, The Final Feliz Foundation was born out of this love. 

Sharing the work through media print, television and radio, her four books include Final Feliz Volume I & II  and Rocstar; an original portrait study of the art of human communication and a practical business guide to pursuit and achievement. Her new children's book is Twinklz Finds a Star. An instructional DVD series furthers our understanding of how gesture and body language impacts our creativity.

Find out more, get involved - www.finalfelizfoundation.org & www.chicagoschoolofblues.com


Performance • Classes • Workshops

Ballet Sculpt

Train like a real ballerina in this ballet barre inspired class. You will sculpt, strengthen and elongate all of your major muscle groups. All levels welcome no dance experience necessary. Format may employ a multitude of training tools/techniques such as the ballet barre, light weights and body bars.  Socks or ballet shoes reccommended.

Classical Egyptian Bellydance

A fluid dance, alive with poise and dignity.  Classical court cabaret is a widely recognized technique that expresses the grace and strength of femininity.  This historically elegant and controlled style is enhanced with the integration of folk dance, fluttering veils and intoxicating finger cymbals.  Costuming is designed to flatter the curvaceous nature of the female physique and accentuates the masterful isolation of movement.  The spontaneous spirit and skills of the dancer transports one to ancient times.

exZotic Yoga

By popular demand, I have designed a unique system of movement that reconnects you with the full spectrum of your femenine mystique. A muti-disciplinary total body work out with one goal, to emphasize your beautiful inner exZotic™ creature.

Boutique Bellydance Workshop

This fun and fabulous experience is meant for groups of women just like you to build community spirit, laugh and celebrate the joy of femininity. Unlimited participants in your favorite location or we can provide a studio.

Brazilian Samba


Another unique offering in our exotic world of movement. Sizzling with rhythmic pulsation as spicy, colorful and resilient as the people and the culture. Brazilian Samba is alive and thriving in North America. Lightning strikes with this high energy world dance technique!

Zen Poledance™


In this shoot Taj wears Lu2 Pure Mineral Cosmetics in support of women who strive to overcome cancer around the world.

Out from underground and freed from taboo, this artform is saved from extinction by the everyday sensuality of modern woman. An incredibly powerful full body workout infused with meditative bliss. Set your sensuous soul ablaze with this desirable dance partner that will have you bursting with schoolgirl delight and reaching to the essence of your exZotic creature. Marvel in your own super hero and accept our exclusive invitation to the vixen garden. We are waiting for you…


Are you a closet video vixen? Now is the time to step out and bring on the sexy DIVA. You will learn a high intensity modern choreography and a slow and sultry classic dance. Each move will be broken down, so no dance necessary! Yes, you will get a good workout and never look at an ordinary chair quite the same way!


You're a rock star! The hottest trend in feel good fitness! Draw upon your childhood memories of the undulating hoop and expand your imagination to grown up fun! Custom designed weighted hoops revolve with ease as we integrate dance moves and bump funky tunes. This hip swaying sensory stimulant will saturate the body with energy and leave you wondering…” why should kids have all the fun?”



West Coast media raves about hoopdance:

LA Channel 11 Better Body Segment calls it, “the newest total body fitness”

"Hooping is back and it is sweeping the UK.
The beautiful thing is that my body was slenderizing while I was doing something that felt like play".

Weight Watcher's - United Kingdom

Santa Monica Sun says, “It is where you shake your body to hypnotic rhythms and achieve new levels of consciousness”


A cultural fusion of costuming, movement and rhythm that traces the roots of the Gypsies as they traveled through India, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Spain.  Introducing a traditional dance with a unique contemporary flair.  Tribal represents creating synergy within a group dynamic.  The movements are powerful, dramatic and designed to complement stylistic elements borrowed from the folkloric dances of the Middle East, Kathak, Flamenco and American Modern dance.  A modern mix of global dance ingredients including lively zill accompaniment and  colorfully rich costuming with an ethnic feel.  All of which complete this unique dance expression.


The evolution of life comes full circle to our original child birth preparation.  Women have danced as a community throughout the years to give support during this special time.  The precious gift of life is further enhanced when the mother is able to move with the hypnotic rhythm that helps to ease the stresses of the birthing process.  Post Partum rehabilitation is enhanced with practice and helps speed the body's return to pre-pregnancy status.

Authentic Hawaiian Hula

Poetry in movement. The origins of Hula are shrouded in legend. This moving language explores sacred prayer to story of love and praise for the land. Deeply textured and of significant cultural heritage, Hula is an enriching world of it's own. Moving through the ages, this stroy telling motion is still educational and entertaining.


Funky Fitness for Kids

Funky Fitness Kids

Kids today need motivation to exercise and our Funky Fitness program answers the call with safe calorie burning fun that helps kids get fit, feel balanced and move forward.
Children are over stimulated and many have problems focusing as a result. We approach exercise with a fresh perspective and no judgment. A non- competitive environment leaves each child free to focus on their goal.
We will also explore their relationship with music and how sound can be used in their lives to empower and invigorate their body and mind.
Childhood obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions. This cultural disease spreads across socio-economic boarders as technology, peer pressure and media compete for your child's attention.
Our movement program is customized for in-school, after-school and private workshops that meet your specific needs.

We provide a safe opportunity for kids to exercise, build community and move towards more civility and less isolation.
Even children off our mainland living in Hawaii are affected by these issues. Scientific studies show that many children later arrive to college unprepared and uninspired.
We help bring healthy excitement back to the learning process through movement.

Our exercise program fosters positive and supportive interaction among peers and creates wellness practices that kids carry into their adult lives.
Funky Fitness for Kids is wholesome fun and even one experience will not be forgotten.

We work hard at play and guarantee results. And yes, we teach adults too!

• Creative Movement
• Martial Arts
• Brazilian Samba
• Bellydance
• Yoga
• Hoopdance
• Roller Skating
• Cardio-Bootcamp
 and more...

Music Program for Kids


As traditions inevitably evolve, so has the spirit of our dance.