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crest for Taj

"In partnership with Miss Taj we presented an encore interactive workshop lecture for the 2011 womens health conference.  A donation of follow up training for all the 1000 women attending the conference made the ladies very happy.   Thanks also Taj for the interesting interview, even our staff was intrigued with your work"  -   North Shore PBS Television and Radio

"Taj,I just wanted to tell you how inspirational your book is to me. I get up in the morning and I read a muse from your book RocStar. After I find the one that fits my spirit and being for the day, I post it along with who wrote it (" "...Taj.) on my FaceBook page.  I'm taking it with me on vacation as something to read and to help me reflect on what life I've lived and have yet to live. Next month is my 54th birthday and I always get sober this time of year and reflect on the things I've done in that year. Did I meet all my goals, who have I helped, who did I allow to help me and have a made a difference in the world. Even if it's a small difference. You have an unlimited supply of "cool" that I only hope to achieve one day. Patience is probably my worst trait. But as my friend always says, "I'm working on it!"Love you so dearly and thanking you in advance for all of the grand things that have happened in my life and all of the amazing things that are coming my way from reading your book. Thanks for being a wonderful, loving and altogether righteous woman and friend. And lastly thank you for publishing a treasure!" - Rocstar Reader - USA

“Thank you for your contribution to our Annual Gala. Our commitment continues to bring quality service to women in need of our support". - A Silver Lining Foundation

"Your donations for the past few years contributions to the success of our mission of bringing whole food to chicagoland lunchrooms." - Healthy Schools Campaign

"I have just finished RocStar, and there were not only many explicit gems of the wisdom of Taj in there, but more lurking in wait to be put on display. What is cool is that you are coming from apposition of enjoying luxuries to address the issue of: how can we simplify our consumption and the constant electronic barrage of stimuli, not withdraw from life, but still enjoy being sensual humans on this earth?" - Rocstar Reader - USA

"It was a pleasure working alongside Taj as a group educator. I was continually inspired by how self-contained and articulate she is. Her facilitation is wise, kind and informed. I highly recommend tapping into her many talents!” – Nia Headquarters, Portland, OR

“The Executive committee thanks you again for your contribution to The Lymphoma Research Foundation. Your participation ensures that we continue or exclusive commitment to this blood cancer research.” – Lymphoma Research Foundation

“Your Benefit Performance last night was like nothing I had ever seen before, it gave me goose bumps.” – Seattle, WA

"Thank you for your gift in support of the Trustee Benefit Concert. You not only provided a way for us to to gain the much needed financial support for student scholarships, but also offered your name in support of of our efforts which truely means the world." - Dominican University

"Thank you agian for supporting our efforts to advance the careers of our nation's future scientists, engineers and medical researchers as they pursue their studies. We will all benefit from their success". - ARCS Foundation

"On behalf of the Alexander Leigh Center for Autism, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support. Our annual fundraiser was a terrific success thanks to you." - Alexander Leigh Center for Autism

Taj, you are a force of nature whose creation is only to be equaled by your coiled potential of manifestations to come." Shiva Rea - Foreword of Final Feliz

 "We got so much positive feedback from the health study participants. We look forward to working with you again Taj.". Rush University Medical Center 2014 - MissTaj.com Client

 "I've definitely shifted since our meeting. You're bringing such good energy and ideas for me to work with. I believe this was the reason I reached out to you. For the encouragement to integrate my life and work and not let my in securities and anti-social tendencies get in the way."- MissTaj.com Client

 "It's been days since our experience and I still catch myself smiling, I feel free!" - MissTaj.com Client

 "Dear Taj, your talent goes beyond physical motion and grace, it creates joyful memories and time bonds. Prior to my wedding day, I had never seen my mother dance and seem so free. That night was one of the first times I had seen her display a childlike joy. My wife and I thank you for the memories of a lifetime."-  MissTaj.com Client

"Thank You for sponsoring with a successful book pre-launch event featuring your student performance. Hundreds of Internationals gathered for an amazing cultural collage." Loyola University Graduate School of Business

"On behalf of the Diversity Committee of Staff Council at DePaul University, please accept our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for making our annual Cultural Heritage Day a huge success. We look forward to working with you in the future. Have a safe trip!" - DePaul University

"Just wanted to thank you for letting us feature you as part of the GSB's International Night'08 and for the wonderful performance by the students." - Loyola University Chicago Graduate School of Business

"I was very impressed with your students’ incredible performance!" - Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia

"Thank you for your generous donation to the 10th Annual Benefit Gala. Your gift will enable us to raise proceeds to support both of our campuses as we recruit excellent educators, engage in initiatives that will further students’ academic, social and emotional development and provide programs that prepare our student for successful college and professional careers. Valerie Warnsby" – Perspectives Charter Schools

"Taj, your workshops were extremely popular with the students.  Their enthusiasm for global awareness was also sparked by writing letters to Africa for the Final Feliz campaign. We look forward to your return." - North Shore Country Day School

"Thank you doesn’t begin to express the depth of our gratitude for your generosity. On behalf of Safer foundation and our volunteers, thank you for your support. Phyllis Barker" – Safer Foundation

"Shimmymom dance for the childbearing year is yet another unique offering from the diversely talented ms. taj" - 190 N. - ABC television

"When Taj returned from India, we were delighted to have the students exposed to the benefits of starting a yoga practice as they prepare for adulthood" - University of Chicago Laboratory School

"Miss Taj is the featured celebrity guest and will give lessons in the sensuous art of bellydance". - Metromix - best bets

"You must have real talent to shake like that."   - NBC Morning News

"Wow, what a great segment!" - ABC Morning News

"It was a pleasure working alongside Taj as a group educator.  I was continually inspired by how self-contained and articulate she is.  Her facilitation is kind, wise and informed.  I highly reccommend tapping into her many talents". - Portland, OR

"The president declared America in a national fitness crisis.  We immediately aired Taj live in the studio teaching her signature technique to encourage Americans to have fun as they get fit."   - WGN Morning News

"An egyptian bellydancer with a wonderful personality to match" - Fox Morning News

"My new friend Taj showed me why I should love my new womanly curves" - NBC News

"I asked Taj if she needed music to dance and her reply was " I got the music in me" - CBS Morning News

"The production Taj presented was powerful enough to rock a crowd of thousands. It can't be beat" - Mayor's office of Special Events

"Honor the universe, honer the earth and honor yourself, " she urged" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Fantastic Presentation!" - University of Chicago

We invited Taj to Team with Master Guo in the innagural sunrise workout at Mellenium Park. The Tai Chi demonstration was amazingly powerful. A testiment to her commitment to holistic health." - Mayor's office of Special Events

"For the new marketing direction of the Popular NFL " Blitz Pro" video game, we were looking for something special. When Taj began to move, we knew we had our cheerleader for the half time show. She Understood our mission and was as excited as we were about the process of Motion Capture. "   - Midway Sports

"Our benefit concert "Flamenco Passion" featured the international gentle man of dance Antonio Vargas, whose movie credits include Mission Impossible II and Strictly Ballroom.  As our finale, Taj introduced our industry to an untapped resource of dance creativity".-Las Vegas Performing Arts Center Fundraiser

"Your donations for the past few years contributions to the success of our mission of bringing whole food to chicagoland lunchrooms." - Healthy Schools Campaign

"Known for our magical atmosphere, we have invited Taj back for outstanding performance." - Foundation Room

"The masterpiece that you created for our show reflects the dept h and sensitivity of a true artist" - One World Dance Theatre

“Thank you Taj for supporting our mission to provide organic quality products to women who strive to overcome cancer around the world!.” - Lu2 Cosmetics

"You were mesmerizing and the children loved you"!  Thank you for making our opening so special."  -The Children's International Film Festival

"Taj has natural charisma in front of the camera.  Our production company was honored to launch a television special based on the new style of dance she created."   -Health and Lifestyles Weekly

"We were so impressed with our shoot with Taj that we decided to air the show during sweeps"  -Judge Mathis Television Show

"This was the first performance of it's kind on our stage and Taj enlightened us to the historical significance of this art form".  -The DuSable Museum

"We are known worldwide for our exceptional service, state of-the-art equipment and tireless quest to improve programs and services.  We were honored to have Taj instruct in her area of expertise". -EastBank Club

“Taj launched a new style of dance in her presentation unlike anything we have seen before.” - National Assoicaion of Television Program Exectuives

"We have many accolades behind our name, but working with Ms. Taj was a truly artistically enriching experience.  We will collaborate again". -Frank Carouso Orchestra

"Fun, fun fun.  Our clientele were blown away.  Taj's performance fueled the energy of the crowd and every one was smiling and dancing". -Match Net

"As an exclusive club we take pride in offering the best to our clientele.  Taj's performance for a private function was our first experience with this art form as entertainment.  We lool forward to having her on future venues"  -The Arts Club Chicago

"The well thought demonstration Taj presented to our six grade social studies class was historically rich and interesting.  We knew the kids would love her!" -Sawyer School

"A great performance, we were looking through the lens in awe".  -Elimidate Television Show 

"Our national event is a series of brief exchanges that are intense and consuming.  In contrast, it was like having our own private strolling Cirque Du Soleil". -Fast Dater

"We invited Taj to orchestrate the new year's countdown in a dramatic performance at our theatre space.  People are still talking about how incredible it was". -Collaboraction Theatre Co.

"The mystic of Taj's dancing added to the allure of our masquerade ball"  -Le Passage

"We were delighted by how Taj gave unconditionally in her performance.  It was a special addition to the corporate holiday function we hosted"  -Vivo

" We trusted a referral and hired Taj for a National event with a key client sponsor.  We are delighted that she is now part of our incredible talents."  -U.S. Marketing and Promotions

"You can feel the passion and love she expresses through her art, it truly made our wedding come alive"  -Chicago Historical Society

“Thanks so much for working with us on Artsfest this year! Your student bellydancers were a huge hit; they drew a crowd from all over the building to watch them perform. We want to thank you and them for being so flexible and easy to work with. Looking forward to working with you again!” - Northwestern University

"Taj, whose flexibility, grace and muscles are a testament to just how fit a bellydancer can be"  -Chicago Tribune

"The unique contemporary expression of this ancient dance complements our vision"  -Tizi Melloul

"A very talented performer, bringing polished professionalism to each session"  -The Event Masters

"A real crowd pleaser that hypnotizes the audience and leaves them thoroughly entertained"  -Funky Buddha

"Taj's dancing was a shining light in her troupe, we noticed and invited her to perform solo"  -Kan Zaman

"Taj has earned the opportunity to be our featured Bellydance Instructor.  Her dynamic background and creative teaching techniques keep her busy introducing innovative ideas for an ancient art"  -Belle Plaine Studio

"We have always appreciated the volunteer work that Taj does so unselfishly, but we were amazed at her level of artistic ability" 
-Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization

"I credit bellydance for the easy labor and delivery of my child.  I stood in a shower for four hours at Illinois Masonic Hospital and pushed him out in four contractions"  -Advanced Student

"Our charity benefits featured Grammy award winning Diane Reeves in concert and Taj's dancing created a beautiful contrast in this special evening". -Pheonix 2000

"Everyone was excited to hear that Taj would perform again for our theatre company benefit. She has long been considered part of our family".  -Wing & Grove Theatre Company  

"We were so impressed with Taj's performance on New Year's eve that we hope that we can make it a tradition". -Marché

"Miss Taj 's style of dance thinks outside of the box, paramount to any bellydance I've ever seen." -365fetish.com

"This collaboration of international artists yielded the first of it's kind.  Mindfield presents MFX1, as experimental arena installation 600 sensor dance floor that reads human presence, duration and rhythmic behavior.  We were honored to have Taj as our first dance performance.  Her use of movement was significant in the development of our technology". -MFX1

"An excellent instructor. She has a special way of connecting with people that stands out" -Equinox Gym

"Taj is the life of the Party from Damascus!!" -WHPK Radio

Additional Performance Experience- Bally Corporation, Dearborn Financial, The Parthenon, Nordstroms, Read My Hips, Fourth World Artisan, Chicago Cable Television, Annoyance Theatre, Baliwick Reparatory Theatre, Green light Performance Theatre, Black Market Chicago, La Grange Park Festival, Chicago Holiday Sports Festival, Spot 6, Crunch, Digable Planets, Micheal Sneed, Tricky, Deta Von Teese, The Cellar, Patrick & James-North Shore, Black Entertainment Television, (BET), Spy Bar, Black Market Chicago, Harpo Studios, Hyde Park Herald, Dewes Mansion, Navy Pier, Federal Occupational Health, Ancient Echos,WYCC -PBS Television, Def Jam/Island Records, including program development for the Boys & Girls Club of Americaand many more....

May we dance together soon...