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Mission Statement

The purpose of speaking of Champagne and Franciacorta together is to increase the industry and consumer awareness to the importance of appreciating the parallels between Champagne and Franciacorta.

Personal Investment

My initial interest ignited in my master studies of Champagne and further evolved into this active master thesis project. The effects of Franciacorta Forever live in harmony with existing professional actions to promote the wine with great respect for tradition and innovation. As a sommelier, I consciously choose to emphasize the cultural significance of wine as food.  There is great momentum to enhance Italian agro-food excellence with authentic and certified products on the North American Market. Preservation of the unique history of Franciacorta to Italy and the special process of its creation in comparrison to Champagne is my personoal passion. There is no rivalry.

Thesis Focus

In consideration of advancement in industry and consumer knowledge, I present three areas of concentration.

Curriculum Education

Many wine training programs and institutions of learning are naturally focused on the established oenological techniques codified in the sixteenth century.  The purpose here is to hold a mindful space for further expansion and inclusion of Franciacorta.

Industry Continuity

One could argue that the overall production for export is small enough to sustain the market and keep it a niche wine.  Selling itself amongst a select audience of connoisseurs and enthusiasts. However, the reality of our global harvest yielding fruit at an intensified pace inevitably supports a shift in our future business practice, no matter the portfolio.

Consumer Awareness

Too many global wine enthusiasts are still unaware of the tapestry of history woven between Franciacorta and Champagne.  Growth and integration of emerging technology must be supported by the foundation of time, cost effective marketing and fresh and engaging consumer education.

"Let us not stifle humanities natural curiosity, nor dilute the legacy of earths love of the first bubble."

Sommelier Taj

"When Pinot Bianco Found His Brother"

The wines of Italy are a cherished member of the family in our home.  Appreciated and valued as a living, breathing entity, each drop of our collection is shared, savored and analyzed, including the history of each label design.  Everyone has their favorite style, but we all agree that the wines of Italy are a natural expression of everyday life.

Wine is food.
In learning and conditioning my palate as a new sommelier, it has been a blessing to experience some of the most revered wines of the world.  In tasting analysis I am unbiased and access each fusion of cells fairly and to the best of my ability.  This is both a duty and a privilege.  But if you ask me where my heart lies, I can't hide the honest light in my eyes and the warmth of my smile when I share my love and commitment to expanding the world's understanding and appreciation of Italian wines, without forsaking my love for Champagne.  
In that moment my imagination travels.  If only i could listen to the hushed conversation between the roots that survive the journey underground. Would I hear the fervor of a disagreement or the sound of genuine laughter of a travel story being told over the dinner table?  An avid account of lessons learned and how they made you grow. 
Perhaps they endure the perilous route to arrive where they know there is love, where there is forever kindness, a sense of home. And this acceptance yields the outstanding results in your glass.

Master wine producing scientists the world over take pride in preserving tradition and encourage innovation. I pay homage to the incredible results of their lifes’ work.  But it is through the Italian wines that I have experienced the celestial.

So get dressed in your finery and celebrate this life. Do not forget the Franciacorta, tuxedo of sparklers.


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