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Performance • Instruction

Book professional performance and workshops with Taj for worldwide events.

Direct booking details 312.779.4639 or e-mail tajdance@yahoo.com

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The Glow of Student Performance

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The Divine Dance Experience™

Ballet Sculpt

Ballet Sculpt

Train like a real ballerina in this ballet barre inspired class. You will sculpt, strengthen and elongate all of your major muscle groups. All levels welcome no dance experience necessary. Format may employ a multitude of training tools/techniques such as the ballet barre, light weights and body bars.  Socks or ballet shoes reccommended.



Get started with our popular instructional DVD designed as an introduction to the world of bellydance.


Customized concert quality
performance for events of an
intimate casual to grand gala scale.

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Signature Classes by Taj

Weddings • Social • Holidays • Galas

Workshops • Intensive Training • Specialty Classes


Experience Private Coaching

Individual and Group Session Series

Direct booking details

312.779.4639 or e-mail tajdance@yahoo.com

Direct booking details fowarded to Miss Taj via Phone 312.671.3009

"Taj, whose flexibility, grace and muscles are a testament to how fit a Bellydancer can be."

Chicago Tribune

Funky Fitness for Kids

a workshop

Funky Fitness Kids

Kids today need motivation to exercise and our Funky Fitness program answers the call with safe calorie burning fun that helps kids get fit, feel balanced and move forward.
Children are over stimulated and many have problems focusing as a result. We approach exercise with a fresh perspective and no judgment. A non- competitive environment leaves each child free to focus on their goal.
We will also explore their relationship with music and how sound can be used in their lives to empower and invigorate their body and mind.
Childhood obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions. This cultural disease spreads across socio-economic boarders as technology, peer pressure and media compete for your child's attention.
Our movement program is customized for in-school, after-school and private workshops that meet your specific needs.

We provide a safe opportunity for kids to exercise, build community and move towards more civility and less isolation.
Even children off our mainland living in Hawaii are affected by these issues.   Scientific studies show that many children later arrive to college unprepared and uninspired.
We help bring healthy excitement back to the learning process through movement.

Our exercise program fosters positive and supportive interaction among peers and creates wellness practices that kids carry into their adult lives.
Funky Fitness for Kids is wholesome fun and even one experience will not be forgotten.

We work hard at play and guarantee results. And yes, we teach adults too!

BellyDance Performance

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Private Group Lessons



Out from underground and freed from taboo, this artform is saved from extinction by the everyday sensuality of modern woman. An incredibly powerful full body workout infused with meditative bliss. Set your sensuous soul ablaze with this desirable dance partner that will have you bursting with schoolgirl delight and reaching to the essence of your exZotic creature. Marvel in your own super hero and accept our exclusive invitation to the vixen garden. We are waiting for you…

Chair Dance

Are you a closet video vixen? Now is the time to step out and bring on the sexy DIVA. You will learn a high intensity modern choreography and a slow and sultry classic dance each move will be broken down, so no dance necessary! Yes, you will get a good workout. you will never look at an ordinary chair quite the same way!

Taj Yoga

By popular demand, I have designed a unique system of movement that reconnects you with the full spectrum of your femenine mystique. A muti-disciplinary total body work out with one goal, to emphasize your beautiful inner exotic creature.

I gaurantee a committment to providing superior quality of instruction and an experience you will never forget.
This sensory re-education curriculum provides practical tools to magnify your creativity. A challenging and fun workshop series that teaches the honesty of motion. We need it to maintain the majesty of the planet.


Dancers in the Honorary presence of Mr. Harry Porterfield, ABC 7 News

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