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"The true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows." - Audrey Hepburn

A beautiful muse appears, captivating you with her eclectic style and electrifying smile. All it takes is one glance, and suddenly, everything changes...

Some might call it destiny, others luck. You and I both know that nothing happens by chance, but that success is earned through diligence and dedication.

If you seek the finer things in life this book is a must, an around the world tour about all that revolves a woman: her home, her elegance, her charm and the passion that she shows.

Brava Taj, well done.

Riccardo Ricci Curbastro

CEO Azienda Agricola G. Ricci Curbastro e Figli S.s.

Riccardo Ricci


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Body of Work

The five books of this course curriculum are designed to demystify the definition of creative intelligence and the empowering role it plays in every facet of our lives. Our concern to cultivate a healthy resurgence of global society starts with human communication.

It begins with you.

This interactive humanities study opens by supporting you on the journey inward with the first two books. A commerce of insight, these guidebooks are a method of examining your soul’s purpose. A photographic documentary, Final Feliz Vol I & Vol II are reinforced with an audio book to aid in your sensory journey.

Preserving the integrity of your inner world, while striving in the outer world can sometimes feel overwhelming. With the necessary advancement of technology, we have dually become more detached from each other in our basic human communication. The third book, Rocstar, invigorates the true definition of community and provides practical business tools. Rocstar is complemented by a children's book version, Twinklz Finds A Star. Fifth in the book series, The Perfect Italian Housewife is a whimsical and scientific approach to the subject of modern etiquette for life.

Alignment of these entities help you maintain balance, healthy boundaries and helps you achieve your dreams while making the world a better place to live.

This course curriculum is available for individual study, private industry workshops and educational institutions worldwide.

May your actions match your words.

"I definitely felt something new in me when I walked out the door."

"It was an eye-opening reminder as we need to be confident and the best version of ourselves."

"I'm used to going to classes and hearing the same things and not growing as a person, but I did this time.  So thanks so much for the great experience."

"we till the soil, sow the seeds, we are the farmers of humanity"™





childrens book cover

Available NOW

"If my kid makes me read Twinklz again, I swear I'm gonna loose my OM."

- a loving parent


crest for Taj



I just wanted to say thank you again for the experience. It was above and beyond what I was expecting and thankfully just what I needed. You are a breath of fresh air and I really admire your spirit.

You brought out a sense of openness in me that I had been having trouble displaying from time to time. I needed a bit of fun and connectedness and you provided that.

Thanks! That was the best show. People were just dancing and having fun. I am reading your book, and so far I love it!

OMG the Slaying the Dragon story...TOO FUNNY but very positive as you conquered the dragon lady!..You rock! It's an easy read and very positive and inspirational. I'm glad I bought a copy. I also want a copy of Final Feliz.

Taj, my wife finished your Rocstar book.  She said it helped her with some struggles.  Don't take this the wrong way, but I never knew that I could be moved by something you never actually spoke out loud. (smile) Your program was impressive, but I hated writing a letter.  The content was potent, I like what you had to say.

Taj launch the book Final Feliz - an exploration in human communication to a large and diverse audience here at the Oak Park Public Library.  We spent a joyous two hours and concluded with people dancing in community celebration.  We were delighted to extend a second invitation for the launch of Rocstar.  In the tradition of The Oak Park Public Library; housing books from such luminaries as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Earnest Hemingway, Frank Lloyd Wright, artists, actors and musicians performing at the library, Taj showcased a stunning multimedia presentation.

Taj, you had several women vying for your lessons in the silent auction.  It was fun to watch them monitoring the bids.  Thanks for contributing.

It was an experience to say the least!  I was glad to share it with y'all.  Those Northwestern gals and guys are just great! Did you receive my text message that I read 50 pages of your Rockstar book later that evening? WOW!

I'm still hearing about how great Thursday was for the people who made it out to the Medill School of Journalism.  We had such a fantastic time working with you, hopefully we can keep working together in the future!! 

Your writing reminds me of  author David Mccullough. 

Excellent presentation!  We would love to feature your work in our national conference next year as well.

Your lecture was so much more than I expected and I am happy that the work is being so well received Taj.  Well done.
I went into the experience with the goal of stepping out of my comfort zone to accomplish something I normally would never do. And, in return, I gained not only some dance steps but also a more clear vision of myself and my continued path.  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and a time.  This was my time. 

Your energy, spirit, and vibrancy is exactly what I needed to re-center and rejuvenate.

We have been on a continuous high ever since.  I can't even describe in words exactly how I feel or what I have reflected on since then. And, at this point, I am not going to even try and, rather, just enjoy the blessing that fell into my lap.

Taj, our talent loves to see you on the schedule.  Heard Dallas and Vegas were fantastic as well.  See you in june!

It's been days since our experience and I still catch myself smiling... I feel free! 

Thank you for holding the space for me to be my authentic self and not be afraid to show it.  I've definitely shifted since our meeting. You're bringing such good energy and ideas for me to work with.  I believe this was the reason I reached out to you.  For the encouragement to integrate my life and work and not let my in securities and anti-social tendencies get in the way.

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Rockstar Issue one June 2010
Issue 3 Rocstar http://www.misstaj.com
"Twinklz arrived on earth and tried to fit in. He quickly became detached from nature and himself. He began to focus on learning how to nurture the earth. He believed that if he could learn to love it, he could grow to understand why human beings hurt their planet, yet wish it possible to save it." - Twinklz finds a star" - a children's book