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Sommelier Taj 2



The spiritual birth of wine is under your feet. From soil to sole crush, the dance of harvest mirrors our cycles in life. Each like no other. Though a glass may never pass your lips, in like kind, there are unopened bottles in museums. Both of you with a special history of life. A story worthy of sharing. There's so much more to value that we can create together.

The more we evolve away from each other, the more we crave community. The essential nature of human communication brings us back to our roots. In modern wine production we've even created machines that simulate ancient human foot treading of the grapes.

Industrywide Wine & Spirit Services

Master Pour Service - Hire me directly for your organization or your clients needs.

Training and Development - Effective and immediate results provided in an individual coaching or group workshop environment.

Cellar Analysis - Streamline diagnosis for industry and private collectors. Commit to protecting your investment.

Service Reviews


"Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1871". - La Belle Époque

1071 - 1914, a time of endless celebration before being engulfed
in world war.


"Thanks for Friday night, I heard you were a "hit" with the crowd!" - Distribution Sales

"I am happy to have you pour on behalf of myself and my company because you do come highly recommended! Please send me your availability through the year." - Distribution Sales

"Thanks Taj for the Champagne education and the fashion sense!" - Client Event Guest

"Taj is so fun and personable and so full of knowledge. I adore her. Thank you for pairing me up with her I learned so much! I'm so happy to be part of the team." - Third Party Pouring Company Trainee

"Thank you, Taj for your time today and providing me with an excellent orientation experience. It was fun! I look forward to starting soon and I am more confident thanks to you, and I appreciate the knowledge you shared." - Third Party Pouring Company Trainee

"Thank you for participating in our judging examination panel. We all love what you have to contribute to the learning experience." - Beverage Management & Hospitality Professor

"I anticipated that the consultation would be unique and you would be knowledgeable, but I never thought about the deeper meaning of wine to our lives. So much more than what I see in a glass. Thank you for caring so much about it's legacy." - Sensory Wine Tastings Client



Awards in Wine
Advanced Level III with Distinction
Wine & Spirit Education Trust

CSW Certified Specialist of Wine
Society of Wine Educators

Wine Apprentice Level I

Wine Steward Level II

Sommelier Diploma Level III

The Court of Master Sommeliers Level I
ISG International Sommelier Guild Level II
Master of Champagne Candidate


Cru Artisan College
University of Banfi 2017
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Taj can be reached at: Tel. 312.671.3009 email:  tajdance@yahoo.com
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Sommelier Taj